Checking Checklist

Introducing Checking Checklist - our latest web app development project. Discover the challenges we faced and the innovative solutions we implemented to make this web application project a success.

A bespoke checklist for a healthcare content agency

Client Overview

Wordbird is a creative healthcare agency that we have worked with since Shape was founded. The Checking Checklist is a multi-user cloud-based app that allows users to track projects and check off tasks required at each stage of a Wordbird project. We built the Checking Checklist to allow Wordbird to remain on the cutting edge and be as efficient as possible.

Project Goals

This project aimed to replace a paper-based system that was used to track each project. The founder of Wordbird explained to us that the spreadsheet-based system lacked detail and was inefficient, which led to time being wasted trying to manage each project. Additionally, staff would jump ahead in the checklist, and stages would be completed in an ineffective order. Wordbird works in a heavily regulated industry with stringent compliance requirements, which is why they need to have exceptionally high standards of checking and accountability at every stage of any job. The primary goal of the Checking Checklist was to store each checklist in one place on the cloud where everyone could find it and enforce specific rules that meant it was much more difficult to fill out incorrectly.

Our Solutions

We created an online application using Flutter and AWS (Amazon Web Services) that allowed users to log in and check off each task as they carried them out on each project. Using our solution allowed project managers to get a much better overview of how projects were progressing and who was accountable for each stage in the process. It also served as a knowledge base for each task, providing a handy description detailing how to carry out each task, which helped remind staff what was expected of them at each stage.

Next Steps

As part of our ongoing relationship with Wordbird, we continue to build new features into the Checking Checklist as staff use the system and raise new ideas about how it could be improved.

A unique design featuring a bold purple curve layered on top of a light blue curve, creating a sense of depth and sophistication that embodies the technical expertise and creative problem-solving approach of our consultancy services.