Genumed Website

Shape recently completed a project for Genumed GmbH, a leading provider of expert ophthalmology consulting services and innovative medical devices. With a focus on success in ophthalmology, Genumed is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals by offering specialised consulting services and cutting-edge medical solutions.

Genumed: Website Design & Development

Genumed GmbH has positioned itself as a key player in ophthalmology, specialising in expert consulting services and pioneering medical devices. Their mission is clear: to assist healthcare professionals in understanding the market, securing access, and establishing or rejuvenating patient pathways for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

Client Overview

  • Company: Genumed GmbH
  • Focus: Ophthalmology Consulting and Innovative Medical Devices
  • Website:

Project Goals

Genumed approached us with a vision - to translate their expertise into a robust online platform that reflects their knowledge and commitment to the cutting edge of technology. For the project, we started from scratch, collaborating closely with the Genumed team to create a website that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Challenges Faced

One of the challenges we encountered was ensuring that the website captured the essence of Genumed's expertise while maintaining a sleek and intuitive design. Collaborative sessions using Figma with the Genumed team were instrumental in overcoming this challenge, ensuring the final design aligned with Genumed’s brand. It also needed support for multiple languages as they work across Europe and are headquartered in Germany.


Once the designs were approved by the Genumed team, Shape utilised Webflow to bring them to life on the web making good use of Webflow's granular control over the code to make sure the website designs were responsive for all screen sizes. We also used a translation tool that integrates brilliantly with Webflow and uses Artificial Intelligence to provide a second language for the site and give Genumed direct control over the translated text with ease.


We are delighted to announce the successful launch of the Genumed GmbH website. Shape delivered a fully functional website, accessible to users across devices at

As our collaboration with Genumed GmbH continues, we look forward to enhancing the website with additional features and e-commerce functionality.

A unique design featuring a bold purple curve layered on top of a light blue curve, creating a sense of depth and sophistication that embodies the technical expertise and creative problem-solving approach of our consultancy services.