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Discover the Track My Training project, showcasing our cross-platform application development journey. Explore how we brought fitness tracking to users seamlessly across multiple devices. Learn about the challenges and solutions that made this cross-platform project a success.

Track My Training Case Study: MVP Development of TMT App

In this case study, we will explore how Shape assisted Track My Training in achieving their goals through Minimal Viable Product (MVP) software development, website design, and development. We will discuss the challenges faced, our solutions, and the results achieved.

Client Overview

Track My Training is a company that developed a gym application to help users track their progress. To learn more about them, visit

Project Goals

Shape was contacted by Track My Training to aid in the creation of their MVP. While they had a clear idea of what they wanted their application to do, they required technical assistance to bring it to fruition. Their initial application was limited to the Apple iOS platform. However, they decided to make it available to a wider audience, so we were tasked with rebuilding the application from scratch, keeping in mind this new requirement. Additionally, the website needed to be redesigned to align with the new MVP designs.

Challenges Faced

TMT had a requirement for a cross-platform application that could be accessed by everyone. They needed a proof of concept as quickly as possible, which meant they asked us to use tactics that would speed up development time.

Our Solutions

Shape specialises in Flutter application development, which makes it an ideal choice for creating applications that work across web, iOS, and Android platforms. To speed up the development process, we opted to use a Back-End as a Service provider called Supabase to support database structure and API development. By utilizing Supabase's pre-existing plugin for Flutter development, we were able to reduce the amount of back-end development required.

For the redesign and development of the TMT website, the Shape team used Figma to prototype designs and receive feedback quickly. The website was then created using the low-code tool, Webflow.


During the MVP development process with TMT, Shape rapidly prototyped designs and functionality in Figma, understanding the application's goals and main functionality.


We are pleased to report that the project was a great success. Our team at Shape was able to deliver a fully functional MVP to the client, which is now available for download as mobile applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, you can also access the application on the web by visiting the new website at

Next Steps

We are pleased to continue our Software Development as a Service partnership with Track My Training. Using Agile development, we will enhance the application to offer more features.

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