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Introducing the Women in Pharma (WiP) project, where we designed and developed their website. The website serves as a central hub of information for their community and we were happy to assist them with this. Discover what WiP offers and why they chose to work with Shape.

Women In Pharma

Phil has been such a great partner as we've built our website. He's listened to our needs, guided us, trained us and is still working with us as it continually develops. He genuinely feels like part of our team. Super prompt at communicating and answering any Qs. Good value for money. What more can you ask for?

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Women In Pharma: Website Design & Development

The collaboration between Shape and Women In Pharma on their website design and development project.

Client Overview

Women In Pharma is an organisation dedicated to empowering women in the pharmaceutical industry. For more information, please visit www.womeninpharma.network.

Project Goals

Women In Pharma approached Shape for technical assistance in creating their website. While they had a vision for the platform and had previously worked with a designer to come up with the website design, they needed technical expertise to translate the design into a functional website before their first event.

They required several key elements for their site, including an area to showcase upcoming events with a link to purchase tickets, an area to list all their awards and a method for nominating people for them, an area to list their community resources such as Women In Pharma Podcast, webinars, and suggested reading, and a custom event page to provide guests with information during events.

Challenges Faced

In today's world, it's essential for websites to be accessible from various devices and screen sizes. However, the designer WiP had worked with only provided desktop versions of the site and at a larger screen size than the average. As a result, Shape had to assist them in developing a way to resize the content to fit all screens, including a mobile version.

They also required the ability to modify the site's content themselves for updating upcoming events, adding resources, and links.

Our Solutions

Leveraging Shape's proficiency in web development, we chose to use Webflow to allow us to recreate the beautiful design that WiP had brought to us. Webflow also has a seamless content management system built in that we have used before and know clients love.

For the redesign Women In Pharma website for mobile screen sizes, the Shape team employed Figma for rapid prototyping and efficient feedback collection. We also helped them implement a method for receiving and collating all the award nominations that made it easier for them to manage.


While working with Women In Pharma, Shape realised that some of the pages they wanted on their website did not have a pre-existing design for our development team to work off of. Therefore, we involved our design team to assist in this and collaborated with WiP to ensure that the designs produced by Shape's team aligned seamlessly with their previous designs.


We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the Women In Pharma website project. Shape delivered a fully functional website, now accessible to users across devices. The website is live at www.womeninpharma.newtwork, offering an engaging and responsive experience.

Next Steps

Our collaboration with Women In Pharma continues as we embark on the next phase of development. Utilising an Agile approach, we aim to enhance the website with additional features, ensuring an ever-evolving and empowering digital presence for the community.

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